The link between poor decisions about money and ethics

Project Director Peter Loge writes in Campaigns and Elections that the little ethical decisions to which don’t pay attention are the ones that matter most.

“In his 1936 essay "The Crack Up," F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote that the big blows that you notice are not the ones that do the real damage. The real damage is done by the small blows that you don’t notice until it’s too late. The same is true of ethics. The big and obvious decisions are easy to spot and respond to. The little decisions that you don’t notice in the moment have a way of adding up doing damage that may be irreparable.”

How we talk about what happens next matters

Project director Peter Loge writes in The Hill that how we talk about impeachment matters at least as much as what we do about it.

“What the nation does next in this moment matters a great deal. Given the centrality of language to our democracy, how we talk about this moment matters a great deal as well. Everyone who discusses the allegations against the president has a responsibility to do so in ways that do not undermine, and ideally that strengthen, the system of ideas on which our democracy relies.”

The Hill: Advice to new graduates and summer interns: You have an obligation to be an ethical advocate

“Dear 2019 graduates and interns heading to DC,

If you are reading this, you are probably thinking about a career in Washington. As someone who has spent more than 25 years working on the politics of public policy, I applaud you. Our democracy needs smart, idealistic, and hard-working young people like you. As you pour into the cafeterias in Longworth and Dirksen, and the bars in Adams Morgan and along H Street, indulge a bit of unsolicited advice from someone who has been around for a while: Find your ethical foundation, and stand firmly on it.”

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Daily Campus (UConn): Obama appointee, GWU professor talks ethics in political communication

“We don’t teach our students, the future political leaders, that there’s more at stake than Tuesday’s election. That Tuesday’s election only matters because of what happens on Jan. 15, when the new representatives are sworn in,” Loge said.