The Project on Ethics in Political Communication encourages students, academics, and practitioners to consider what, if any, ethical obligation political communication professionals have and to whom or what they have it.

The Project draws scholars, students, and political communication professionals to examine and improve the ethics of our political communication by:

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Peter Loge - Director

Peter Loge is an Associate Professor in the School of Media and Public Affairs at The George Washington University. He has more than 25 years of experience in politics, including serving in senior staff positions in the US House, Senate, and Obama administration. He has been a lobbyist and communications consultant, and has led, helped lead, and advised numerous public and private sector organizations.

  • Publicly engaging the question of what, if any, ethical responsibilities those who work in political communication have, and to whom or what they have those responsibilities.

  • Identifying ways to put ethical communication principles into practice, and encourage political professionals to adopt these practices.

  • Providing political communication students with an ethical foundation for their professional work.

We will accomplish our mission through:

  • Providing resources for those teaching and studying ethics in political communication.

  • Promoting and supporting research on the theory and practice of ethics in political communication.

  • Hosting and promoting public discussions and commenting on current political events in the press, online, and elsewhere.

  • Working with political practitioners to promote ethical political communication practices.